6 Reasons Why You Should Use Blogger

The most used blogging platform available is WordPress. Those using the self-hosted version have a complete handle on every aspect of their website. However, many who want to avoid purchasing a host and domain name and want an alternate should look at Blogger. To find about Colormag Blogger Template,

I have tried Blogger and continue using Doodlekit to create some of my websites. While I am also using WordPress, I like the ability to generate free blogs in minutes. click here

Should you be looking at starting a website, here are some reasons why I continue to enjoy using Blogger:

  1. It truly is free. No matter how hard anyone looks, you can’t beat this specific price. It costs nothing to generate and manage not one website but many blogs.
  2. Google help. Google owns Blogger. After I use Blogger, my websites get indexed quickly, and my blogs are immediately registered and verified inside Google’s Webmaster tools. So do members to add our blog to Webmaster equipment.
  3. Many available templates. During your stay on the island are fewer templates obtainable than WordPress, but there are still 1000s of different Blogger blog web themes available to download and work with.
  4. Built-in AdSense support. As mentioned before, since Google owns equally Blogger and AdSense, it turned out only naturally that they link up the two. Blogger allows you to add AdSense ads to the blog simply. You can also manually bring the code as well if you want.
  5. Custom domains. Instead of using the default address, purchase the appropriate one and have your blog work with that domain name. In addition, Blogger delivers help with using personalized domain names.
  6. Template design management. While Blogger works with its own proprietary words within the templates, you have complete control of the code and HTML. So if you can learn the Blogger computer code structure, you can do some incredible items with your template.

These are the 6th reason you should look at Blogger you shoulder website. Within a few minutes, you can have any blog up and running with almost no effort.

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