Computer Science Engineering Syllabus

Are you someone looking for a career line that is as relevant, diverse and lucrative? Computer science engineering is filled with technical lines that you need to know. It may be the very thing you have been searching for. CS Engineering is an integration of computer science and engineering that deals with both software and hardware aspects of computers. Millions of students pursue CS engineering degrees every year. Along with this, you get to work in big cities and with the biggest organizations around the world.

Computer Science Engineering Syllabus

The syllabus of computer science engineering is something that requires attention. The format and process here are standard, just like other courses. However, the study pattern and conveying the knowledge and ex[eetise differ. To master the program and start strong in the industry, you must hold a stronghold on the same syllabus.

Here is a point-to-point analysis of the CS Engineering format and syllabus:

  • Generally, it is a two-year course divided into four semesters (6 months each). Each semester here contains set subjects and credits rewarded. Tough students can finish their course early in certain situations.
  • The main subjects in the courses are; computation, electronics, operating systems, networking, IT, architecture, database, web design etc.
  • The mentioned subjects are designed to educate students regarding their use of them in the field of computer science. Evolving technology and industry are factors so students can learn how to cope.
  • The students are free to choose their electives however they decide. Students can get their hands on electives in the last year (3rd semester) at the discretion mandated by the university. Also, these are subject to change from university to university.
  • The course completion requires students to get a minimum credit score set by default. The end part contains a project that is mandatory for every student.

Computer Science Engineering: Topics & Electives

There are two things to consider regarding the computer science engineering syllabus; topics & electives. Based on these two, the entirety of your post-grad opportunities differ. However, with expertise on the right issues and picking a relevant elective, you can make a worthwhile career in computer science engineering. For that, the first thing you need to do is sort out your preferences and interests. After that, your career goals should be in action for deciding on your majors and electives.

Here are the most popular and common topics and electives in computer science engineering:

Major Topics:

  1. Programming
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Computer Systems
  4. Operating Systems
  5. Algorithms Programs

Top Electives:

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Data
  4. Architecture
  5. Computer Graphics

Computer Science Engineering: Best Universities

Around the world, there are many excellent options in the case of universities. You need the best source to get the most out of a degree. Depending on the university you choose, the career outcomes can change drastically. One of the prime instances of this is the network you get with a degree. Where one student may start with an entry-level position, another may get a mid-level position in the industry.

Universities matter a lot when it comes to higher education. Of course, you are set to apply for CS engineering roles with an undergraduate. However, in the later stages of your career, you will know how graduation is necessary. More than enough universities offer world-class masters in computer science engineering.

Top 10 best universities for computer science engineering:


Rank University Location
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA
2 Stanford University USA
3 Carnegie Mellon University USA
4 National University of Singapore (NUS) Singapore
5 University of California, Berkeley USA
6 University of Oxford UK
7 Harvard University USA
8 University of Cambridge UK
9 EPFL Switzerland
10 ETH Zurich Switzerland



The computer science engineering syllabus consists of many things that can be regular as well as the latest. Based on the current technology and industry, it keeps revolving. Having proper subjects and electives is necessary to achieve your goals. This is why you want to spend some time on your selection process. You can get in touch with consultancy, check mim-essay reviews, you may come to like it. Also, focus on the syllabus as per your concentration, which will make things easier.

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