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Different types of shed designs for storage space

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Sheds are more than simply a place to store things nowadays, thanks to the rise of minimalism culture in the home and the small living business. They serve as offices, hangouts, and temporary residences.

Fortunately, shed designs have evolved along with popular culture. In other words, you are no longer required to build in the traditional barn or a-frame style. All of your choices come with their own set of advantages. What follows is a compilation of the most popular modern shed designs. You can hire storage space service oak flats to install your shed.

Gable (A-Frame Shed)

One of the most common shed designs in residential areas, the gable or A-frame shed, is popular due to its low price and versatility.

The A-frame shed’s top ridge and gradually sloping roof make for a sophisticated appearance without much upkeep.

A Gable shed made by storage space service oak flats is an excellent option for any homeowner needing extra storage space, whether for storing lawn and garden items or using a greenhouse.

In addition to the flexibility of buying a shed of any size, gable-style sheds are also commonly available with prefabricated trusses.

Gambrel (Dutch Barn)

Do you want a shed that looks good and has lots of room for your stuff? Then you should look into a gambrel shed. As a result of the steep angle of the shed’s roof, there is enough vertical room for an attic to be built inside.

This shed made by storage space service oak flats is big enough to serve as a garage for your vehicle. The gambrel shed’s roof design makes it look like a tall barn, and while it is roomier than a barn, it still provides a lot of outdoor storage space. Studio spaces can benefit significantly from the extra space offered by gambrel shelters.

Lean-To Backyard Sheds

Their structure distinguishes lean-to-outbuildings. It’s why so many people who prefer a traditional garden design choose them. A lean-to-shed, or mono-slope shed, made by storage space service oak flats, is so named because its roof has only one slope. It’s a win-win: the shed’s roof is shielded from strong winds and heavy snow, and you receive more space on one side.

If you need a new shed but want to avoid the headache of a more complicated installation, a mono-slope shed is the way to go. Mounting it on an existing wall in your building makes storing a wide variety of items convenient.


Having a shed that is a different colour than the house next to it is something only some will like. You can paint a saltbox shed any colour you want to complement your home’s exterior.

Size flexibility is a result of its shape. A saltbox shed made by storage space service Shellharbour can be used for several purposes. You may park your car, let the kids play, or get some work done there.

This shed differs from others because of its roof, which, like a gable roof, is joined at the ridge but has one side that is longer. A saltbox shed is a perfect solution for those who need outside storage and desire a shed with modern windows.


This shed made by storage space service Shellharbour is ideal for the backyard handyman who wants a dedicated workspace. Windows are required in this shed design to ensure adequate ventilation is provided.

Therefore, the artisan design is ideal if you require additional space for tool storage or outdoor storage for heavy machines.

Flat Roof

There is a wide range of shed heights available. The flat roof design is ideal in some areas to blend in with its surroundings. It seems like a standard shed from the outside, yet its walls are all the same height.


Due to their classic appearance, Quaker sheds are among the most popular choices for outdoor storage. The roof overhang and extra room it provides set this shed apart from others. A Quaker shed is the way to go if you need a new shed and want one that looks good and has plenty of room. Large twin doors or a garage-style door can be installed in a Quaker shed.


The Victorian shed made by storage space service Shellharbour is a more elegant take on the classic A-frame design. Elegant and lovely are both presents. This can be placed on your property without worry about its eventual demise. It lasts forever and performs reliably in any climate.

Slanted (Pent)

The walls of a slanted shed are not all the same height. This diagonal design is perfect if you want a sturdy shed against your home’s exterior wall. Joists bridge all voids in a wall.


A central point is formed by eight hips that radiate out from the walls. A steep or gentle slope roof might be used in its construction.


This is an advanced form of shed made by storage space service Shellharbour that requires professional assistance to construct. The four roof surfaces are angled in two different directions.


Before looking into other models and styles, determine whether a large or small shed suits your needs. Take your time with the process and wind up with a shed you hate. You may rely on Prime Build Sheds.

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