Fall Intake Vs Spring Intake for MBA Abroad

If you are planning for MBA abroad and are stuck due to the confusion between Fall and Spring intake, you need not worry. This article will be dealing with your confusion: Fall vs Spring intake. Firstly, we need to understand what the Fall and Spring intake exactly mean. Different intake is best for different degree. For example MiM in Canada is best for fall intake.

Unlike Indian Universities, countries abroad usually go for two intakes. It clearly means if someone misses the application deadline for one, they have the option to apply for the next intake. The major reason here is to provide flexibility to students to decide the right time for their admission. The fall semester usually starts in September, whereas for the Spring intake, the classes start in January.

To know the difference between Spring and Fall intakes, it’s important to first understand them individually.

Fall Intake 

The Fall semester often receives a higher number of applicants than the Spring intake semester in top countries like the US. Moreover, fall intake offers a higher number of courses to the students as compared to the Spring semester. Most importantly, the universities in this intake enroll a large number of international students.

Spring Intake 

Major Universities go for the spring intake, too and give you one more opportunity if by any chance you miss the fall intake. It is again a major admission intake, particularly for universities in the US, Germany, Canada, etc. Spring intake is called the winter intake too, in Canada.

Fall Intake


  • Nearly every university abroad has a fall intake.
  • Most of the courses and programs during this intake are on offer.
  • More scholarship and on-campus opportunities because this is the beginning month of the academic year all around the world.


  • Rapid filling of seats as the universities accept applications for most of the courses.
  • some universities offer only the fall intake, and thus, they open their admission window in advance, sometimes a year before, making it essential for students to stay informed and updated
  • Indian students get less time to prepare themselves

Spring Intake


  • Indian students have enough time for preparations and cracking the Spring intake.
  • Students going for internships after finishing their graduation, can utilize this extra time to serve their notice period
  • Unlike the students enrolled in the fall semester, Spring intake students get the benefit of mentorship and orientation programs


  • Limited number of programs and courses as the majority of them are already filled in the last intake.
  • Less number of scholarships and on-campus opportunities.
  • No qualification for the universities summer internships because of not being able to fulfil the condition of a minimum 9 months of enrollment

Let us now consider some of the essential factors before choosing the best one for yourself.


The most important thing you must do is to double-check whether the university you wish to apply to offers both the fall and the spring intake or not. You can also apply for MiM in Spain in this for more chances. The processes are mostly similar for both intakes, including LORs, essays, resume, SOPs, and test score GMAT/GRE. Further, you must remain updated regarding all the vital information and particularly the deadlines for both the fall and the spring intakes.

Acceptance Rate

Undoubtedly, the cohort size is bigger than the Fall Intake, meaning more chances of admission if you are above average student.


Technically, the academic session begins with the Fall semester, so there are more chances of opportunities for you to get on-campus internships, particularly for research-based subjects. Many professors start with their research during the fall semester, leading to more chances of becoming research assistants during the Fall intake.


Gererally, January is the month for Recruitments. A fall intake student completes one extra semester as compared to the spring students. This may work in favor of fall students. However, you need to worry about your dream job if you are a bright student full of skills.

Student Clubs

Student clubs are the best part of these big and reputed MBA universities as these clubs help you build your networking ad leadership skills. so, if you love extracurricular activities, then you must apply for the fall intake as It will get difficult later to get leadership roles if you join these clubs late.

These clubs help you gain essential industry knowledge, making you aware of your own strengths and skills. Making these connections are a little tough job for spring intake students as they join in the middle.


In short, there is no perfect intake semester as it completely depends and varies for every student. You must choose the ones that meets your requirements and most importantly, you must apply when you are fully prepared. So remember to get yourself ready for your MBA program keeping in mind all the above-mentioned factors and criteria.

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