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SEO is a central concern for any business that has a website, e-commerce site or blog. Indeed, it is thanks to SEO that you can increase your visibility on Google and therefore the number of your potential customers. Staying competitive and producing a huge number of conversions requires a good SEO strategy, so it’s important to keep up to date with all the news on the subject. It is also for this reason that more and more events revolving around SEO are organized, including those that I regularly organize in Montpellier.

Why SEO aperitifs?

SEO is a serious subject, which does not prevent it from being discussed in a friendly atmosphere. There is nothing better for this than an after-work event, during which people interested in SEO can freely discuss the subject.

The SEO aperitif is also an opportunity to meet professionals, because it brings together players from many sectors: e-commerce, integration, digital marketing, SEO, communication, web development, etc. In this context, you will be able to exchange with potential customers or collaborators, find new opportunities, and even share your experiences in the field.

Moreover, since it’s a safe bet that people who find interest in SEO spend their days in front of a screen, the aperitif will allow you to take a short break and relax a little in a friendly atmosphere. You will be able to taste some tapas, and have a drink… In moderation of course!

Finally, note that SEO aperitifs offer the advantage of being easy to organize.

SEO aperitifs: who are they for?

SEO aperitifs are B2B events and an opportunity for players in the digital field to meet. They can be opened for SEO agencies, freelancers, developers, e-commerce professionals, community managers, consultants, bloggers, etc.

How to properly organize an SEO aperitif?

For your SEO aperitif to be a success, you must ensure that every detail of its progress is carefully organized: from the number of participants to the food that will be served during the event.

Set the number of participants

An after-work between office colleagues can be improvised and does not require a lot of formalities. But for an SEO aperitif to which many guests from all walks of life are invited, it is essential that you can control the number of participants. To do this, the best solution that I can advise you is to issue entrance tickets and distribute them. You also have the possibility of creating an online ticketing system, without having to mobilize specific skills or use a website.

You can indeed implement a personalized and completely free ticketing solution by going to online platforms. I particularly like Meetup and Wee event, which for me are the most practical (and most used!) solutions for organizing my after-work events in Montpellier. Thanks to these online tools, it is possible to create all kinds of tickets and customize them according to your preferences.

Find the ideal place for your SEO aperitif

An after-work is a moment that should invite relaxation and fun. Therefore, it must take place in an equally friendly atmosphere, and therefore, outside the workplace.

As far as the place is concerned, it is important to choose a place where you can talk freely without too much ambient noise! To do this, you can either privatize a bar, or book a coworking space, or part of a restaurant that is equipped with comfortable furniture, and where you can serve drinks and food. I particularly recommend the meeting rooms or the coworking space for their practicality. Indeed, to present the partners and sponsors of the event, you may need a video projector, a screen, microphones, etc.

Time the presentation of partners and sponsors

Although the objective of the aperitif is to allow informal and relaxed exchanges between the participants, if you have sponsors, it is advisable to devote part of the evening to introducing them. It is best to do this after making sure that all guests have arrived and been properly greeted. I also advise you to devote only a few minutes to the presentation. No need to make long speeches, so as not to “break” the informal side of the event.

Note that you can plan the intervention of a professional to briefly discuss the objective of the evening or any other current topic on SEO content writing services. This intervention should not last more than an hour, and besides, 45 minutes can be enough. Also consider planning a question-and-answer session so that participants can react to the intervention.

Then, the rest of the evening should be devoted to free exchanges between the guests over drinks and appetizers.

Finally, consider officially closing the evening so that the guests can take their leave at any time.

Plan a snack and an animation

When the after-work is organized with partners and sponsors, it is customary that refreshments and food are provided. Therefore, you will need to contact a catering service who will prepare a buffet and drinks. Offering the snack during the event is also a way to thank your guests for their presence.

Also think about organizing an animation. An SEO quiz can, for example, liven up the evening in a fun and interesting way! I organized several times in collaboration with SEO Camp, it was quite nice.

Well, you know everything! Get started to organize SEO aperitifs in your city!

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