Requirements You Need to Know Before UK Study Visa

One of the most popular study abroad destinations for International Students, the UK has drastically changed its immigration and visa policies in 2020. With this change, international students are now allowed to stay back in the UK for upto 2 years even after graduation. But before you get there you need to meet all the requirements for UK Study Visa from India to start your journey abroad.

Requirements for UK Student Visa


If you are looking to study in the UK for more than 1 year, you need to make sure to apply for a Tier 4 General visa i.e. Student Route visa. To apply for a UK student visa, you just need to have one.

  • Current passport copy or other valid travel documents.
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) reference number and supporting documents required to obtain the respective CAS.
  • Passport-size colour photographs
  • Financial requirements evidence which shows your living expenses during study. You must have at least 1,203 Euro per month for upto 9 months.
  • Academic Technology Approval Scheme or ATAS clearance certificate.
  • Your Tier 4 student visa application form with filled details.
  • Proof of your visa payment fees.
  • Medical tuberculosis test results from any certified health practitioners.
  • Payment of Immigration Healthcare Surcharge (IHS).
  • A written agreement from a financial sponsor (if studying with a scholarship).

These are some requirements which you must meet for a UK student visa. You can also connect with UK Study Visa Consultants to arrange all the documents and submit them to the authority.

UK Student Visa Financial Requirements


The UK government is strict about its financial requirements regarding the study visa for their international students. A fixed sum of money of around 1,023 Euros per month for nine months must be available in your bank account while studying in the UK. This is required for students to support themselves with living expenses and tuition fees.

According to the Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies or CAS, the financial requirements for UK study visa from India are

  • If your course is outside London: 1,023 Euro per month (9 months)
  • If course is in London: 1,334 Euro per month (9 months)
  • If under Doctorate Extension Scheme and course in London: 2,668 Euro per month (9 months)
  • If under Doctorate Extension Scheme and course outside London: 2,668 Euro per month (9 months)

Apart from financial requirements, students are also required to have good proficiency in the English language. You must show your evidence of passing language proficiency tests to prove that your communications and correspondence skills are good in English. Having the best consultants for UK study visa can help you to get the required scores before submitting the visa application.

However, while filling out your visa application if you get stuck in choosing the right university and need some end-to-end guidance, choose the UK study visa consultants now. Our study abroad counsellors will update you regarding the new rules and details about UK study visas.

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