The Best HR Tools & Softwares for Different Functions

The role of HR has become a strategic frontline function in the face of changing times. The market offers a variety of tools and software that can be used to save time and effort for hiring managers.

HR tools aid in the recruitment and hiring process. They also automate core HR Toolkit and payroll processes and help to streamline them across the workforce. These HR tools simplify recruitment, from posting job ads to assessing applicants. Maintaining data manually can be time-consuming and exhausting.

There are many tools and software that can help you do the same. These tools and software include:

  • Bonuses
  • Bambee
  • PyjamaHR
  • Jobvite
  • BambooHR
  • Impulse
  • Quizbreaker etc

Recruitment and Hiring Tools

Many tools can be used to assist HR managers in the hiring process. You can use Jobvite, PythonaHR, and BambooHR to help you.

Job Websites

Many job portals are available on the market today. You can post job ads on these job and career websites to ensure your job search reaches the most people possible. Posting job ads can be made more accessible by software and other HR tools. Software and tools like BetterTeam can help you create the j job description. 

Sourcing tools

The Sourcing Tools are essential to determine if a candidate is a good fit for the job. Evaluate candidates based on two critical things to choose the right candidate.

  • Skills: While resumes provide a good idea of the candidate’s experience, they do not indicate if the candidate has the skills required for a specific job.
  • Personality: It’s essential to determine if the candidate will fit the company’s culture.

Software can help create personality-based tests to help the hiring manager make the right hiring decision.

Employee Onboarding

An excellent employee-onboarding program can reduce employee turnover by half. First, however, it is essential to have a clear and organized process for onboarding. These include filling out the documentation, completing paperwork, scheduling the employee’s start date, and arranging the training period.

This software can be used to simplify the process. It ensures that all tasks are completed on time and streamlines the onboarding process.

Applicant Tracking Systems

The resumes begin to pour in after the job advertisement has been posted. They vary in quantity depending on the job. It can be tiring and time-consuming to track all these resumes manually. Jobvite and PyjamaHR help to filter through all resumes. These ATS can sift through all resumes by specifying the requirements. The best way to focus on candidates who might be a good fit for the job is to eliminate all irrelevant resumes.

Talent Management

The essential tool for a hiring manager is talent management. A company can significantly benefit from a strategic talent management program to achieve its business goals.

Many talent management tools exist, such as PyjamaHR and BreezyHR, Zoho recruiter, BreezyHR, iCIMS Talent Acquisition, etc. These tools can perform a variety of functions to facilitate the talent management process.

Training & Development Resources

Tools for training and development are vital to enhancing candidates’ skills and aligning them with company goals and targets. These tools can help employees grow their talent, which benefits both personal and professional development. They can also increase employee morale. ATS, such as PyjamaHR and Zoho recruiter, offer technology-based education and development programs.

Team Management tools

It isn’t easy to manually manage the work, projects, or tasks of a team. However, team management tools can do all the work on one platform. In addition, many team management tools allow you to organize and plan for collaboration, analysis, and management of everyday tasks.

Asana, slack, and nTask are tools that streamline project planning, resource management, and task dependencies. They also help to manage project deliverables and financial summaries.

Attendance & Time Tracking Tools

To calculate the payroll correctly, keeping track of employee leave applications and time entries is essential. This task is easy to manage with the tracking tool. In addition, attendance management software automatically records attendance when employees turn the system on. Additional features such as timekeeping and payroll management can help to streamline the process. TimeDoctor, Bitrix24, and others are some of the most popular.

Benefits Management Tools

Software that tracks employees reduces the work required to manually maintain records. For example, they calculate payroll based on how long employees work and their hourly/fixed rates.

TimeDoctor software supports payroll customization. This allows HR to set different pay rates and change currencies depending on the country.

Performance Management Tool

Employees can reach their full potential by using performance management. This allows HR and control to get the best out of their employees. They strive to improve employee performance to ensure they fulfill their roles to the greatest extent. It aligns individual and group goals with organizational goals. HR One provides real-time, actionable insights to help drive performance.

Other Functions

Human resources professionals aren’t limited to a single task. Many HR professionals have many job roles. Human Resources (HR) have many functions, including learning and developing, evaluating employee performance, and administrative responsibilities. These functions can’t be done manually. Instead, you have many HR tools that can fulfill these functions. Many ATS, such as BambooHR, PyjamaHR, and Talent garden, make it easy for HRs to do their job.

Compliance Management Tool

To ensure compliance management tools are in place, they can continuously monitor, audit, and track business processes to comply with all applicable legal, security, and industry requirements.

High-risk management should be a function of a compliance management tool. It should be able to identify and classify the specific risks associated with each job role. Software for compliance management includes Zillow and skill cast.

HR Analytics Tools

HR analytics provides data about employees’ productivity and activities. Analytics tools for HR help collect talent data and improve the employee experience. They can enhance workforce outcomes by decreasing attrition and increasing employee satisfaction. An integrated analytics tool can help with many HR processes, such as training, recruitment, talent, and performance management. TrenData, intelliHR and Sage are some of the most popular HR analytics tools.


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