Top 5 Features of Dedicated Server Hosting In 2023

A dedicated server ensures your business has all the features and resources that are required to ensure smooth functioning and consequent success. It is the pinnacle of web hosting as you have the entire server reserved for your website, which boosts reliability, performance, uptime, and security.

Let’s take a look at the best features of dedicated hosting in 2023 that make it the best web hosting choice.

  1. Server management

Reliability is the main element that entices small to medium businesses to choose dedicated servers for their web hosting. A completely managed dedicated servers has a team of professional experts assigned to it to ensure its maintenance is done on time and it is supervised at all times to guarantee brilliant performance.

While other web hosting options include sharing resources which might cause a scarcity of resources, dedicated server hosting offers incredible hosting that reigns better than all of the rest. If you go for managed dedicated hosting, your in-house team won’t have to deal with loads of responsibilities including updating, installations, server monitoring, implementing patches, and much more. They can focus on the core responsibilities that can boost revenue.

  1. Scalability

It is the goal of every business out there to expand by bringing in more visitors and growing their customer base, which can ultimately lead to a higher amount of revenue. You want your website to have enough resources that can accommodate any amount of traffic spikes and eventual growth that could be caused due to certain elements such as festivals or campaigns.

A dedicated server can ensure all of your requirements are met with the immense amount of resources and features you get with its plans. Along with immense bandwidth, you also get scalability that can prove beneficial to keep up with your growth.

  1. Security

In case you fall victim to hacking, your entire operation could be threatened and lead to irreparable damage. It could also lead to your customers losing trust in your brand, fines, and also legal actions in certain cases. In fact, research shows that within 6 months about 60% of companies cannot cope with the damage hacking causes and end up going under. Hence, security should be a priority when choosing your web hosting.

Dedicated hosting offers the best security as you have the entire server to yourself without sharing it with any other user. You can implement advanced security measures, and patch vulnerabilities to ensure your server is fortified from all the threats that exist online.

  1. Technical support

Regardless of how many measures you take, at some point in time, you will encounter some issue or query. To ensure your problem gets resolved on time immediately or you find your answer quickly, you need a technical support team that has ample experience and expertise.

They should also be accessible day and night by call, text, email, or by raising a ticket. Your web hosting service providing guidebooks or knowledge bases that have information on how to resolve your problems yourself, or gain clarity on a topic can be extremely beneficial.

Managed dedicated web hosting offers efficient technical support that can help you with all of your tasks if need be including dealing with any issues that might unexpectedly crop up. Prompt responses from your support team will ensure you do not experience prolonged downtime that could cause damage to your brand and the user experience you deliver.

  1. Shared resources

Web hosting services such as shared hosting include a number of users sharing the server and its resources. These results in elements such as RAM, bandwidth, and much more being distributed between a numbers of websites to satisfy multiple demands.

In case a particular website experiences an event such as a traffic spike, it could end up using a lot of the available resources, thus leaving barely anything for the rest. It could result in your website becoming slow or even downtime. Your customers could end up interpreting your slow website as a testament to your website being unreliable. Additionally, your customers could move on to your competitor’s website if yours is slow.

Dedicated web hosting, on the other hand, assigns the entire server just for your individual use. Hence you get the run of the whole server including its resources. Since you have a say in everything pertaining to your server, you do not have to worry about suffering the consequences of other users’ activity.


Dedicated servers are perfect for businesses that encounter a high amount of traffic that requires many resources. The best part of dedicated servers is that you get root access which allows you to customize your server however you wish.

You also get to pick your OS, control panel, and hardware. You can also make your own choices about security, support, management, and maintenance. This ensures your website has increased reliability, uptime, and resources.

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