Top 7 Russian Fashion Bloggers 

Every nation has its stereotypical ideas about the fashion industry. Particularly Russian women had developed a strong image of being stylish and well-dressed. This emotion is not a random one. Russians now make up a sizable portion of the world’s largest models and designers for all categories of clothing. Since there are still a lot of bloggers, models, and influencers in existence, as you could expect.

 The best part is that some of these bloggers are the perfect way to share your hobbies if you appreciate style and want to become better at speaking Russian.

  1. Anastasia Reshetova

Anastasia Reshetova is a well-known Russian supermodel and blog based in New York, with 4.1 million Instagram followers and an amazing sense of style.

New York-based Russian Blogger

This remarkable fashionista, who was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, has been crowned Miss Russian Earth in 2013.

  1. Masha Minogarova

Do you have a thing for Russian beauty? Then, as long as you view her images and learn about her accomplishments in the fashion industry, will instantly become a fan of Masha Minogarova, a Russian fashion blogger based in New York. The 1.2 million Instagram followers of this Russian doll represent greatness and success. He competed in Russia’s first season of “Top Model” and advanced to the finals.

However, after he arrived, his popularity soared. He had produced for so many Russian and global designers, including Alexander McQueen, Jean Paul Gaultier, etc., and is asked to participate in a variety of national and international initiatives.

  1. Maryana Ro

Russian businesswoman, model, and influencer Maryana Ro. After posting numerous videos on her Instagram account, Ro gained notoriety. Masha, the dog, is well-known and has a following of almost 2 million on Instagram. Ro’s pranks on Instagram are liked by 7.7 million active users. She has worked with several numbers, several companies, including BMW, Lamborghini, and Nike, all of which have prominently featured her on their Instagram sites.

  1. Yana Fisti

Yana is another well-known Russian fashion icon who has approximately 600,000 Instagram followers. Timi, who is 35 years old and was born in 1986, is a professional fashion stylist in addition to being a blogger. Yana is a huge enthusiast of fashion; she keeps up with all the latest developments in the field and constantly explores emerging styles.

You should follow Yana if you’re interested in learning about the main Russian fashion business and how business leaders feel about the most recent news and trends.

  1. Lauren Conrad

With 5.8 thousand Instagram followers, Lauren Conrad is an American author, fashion blogger, television host, and fashion designer. Lauren Conrad transitioned from being an established actress to becoming a superstar after entering the Laguna Beach cast in 2000. The third season of the sitcom ended the same year that Lauren’s debut novel, LA Candy, was published. Lauren debuted her apparel line in 2005 in addition to Kohls’s. The clothes were an immediate hit, and Kohls’s still sells them today. He has established himself as a renowned fashion designer and has collaborated with numerous businesses.

  1. Tina Sizonova

Tika Tina from other bloggers has a unique personal touch, but that’s a whole other topic. She didn’t have any prior expertise in the fashion sector initially, but her husband, who wasn’t a slacker, started a blog about fashion to escape the daily grind of work.

The fashion industry made nota e as Tina’s fashion blog grew in prominence. Recently, she has collaborated on a nseveralshion blogs with companies like Bevja, Kamenskaya Konova, Korner, Musthave, Suitstar, Candies, and Uremizing.

His site is distinctive to all due to the writer’s passionate and informed thoughts. It never states whether a specific style is effective or not. He always gives the reason.

  1. Anna Midday

Anna Midday, Russia’s biggest fashion icon, will be the last. Jessica has been blogging for almost eight years and frequently writes on style and travel.

Facebook has 165k users. Anna writes a blog about a variety of topics, including fashion, harmony, happiness, and what it means to be beautiful in the age of Instagram fashionistas.

This influencer takes the time to craft the narrative behind this photograph and clothing to convey his sentiments, sense of style, and advice about his Russian persona. He also makes compelling images for his followers.


Russian fashion blogs are incredibly active. It can be challenging to keep track of everything ahead of traveling to New City with a Russian fashion blogger because there are so many activities, sights, and things to do. This information will assist you in selecting a fashionista. Russian fashion bloggers are prevalent and frequently write on fashion. Although not all of them reside in New York, they all are Russian. Some might call New York home. This is crucial for your unique package holiday in these Cities!

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